Import Compliance:

The 1993 Customs Modernization Act (Title VI of Public Law 103-182), designates all the legal responsibility for declaring value, classification and Import Compliance to the importer. It mandates that importers be knowledgeable of the Customs Regulations and have internal procedures to insure compliance to those regulations. They even base their audits, fines and penalties on an importers negligence in aherence to the regulations. 

Importers are required to periodically have audits performed on their import practices. They are excepted to have Import Compliance procedures.   Purchasing, Receiving, Manufacturing, Engineering and Accounting must have knowledge of the regulations as they apply to their departmental functions. 

Companies either hire their own permanent Customs Managers or they can outsource some or all of the compliance functions to Global Drawback.  Even companies with their own Customs departments use us to review their internal compliance.   We are experts and work with companies like yours, and US Customs.   Although we are licensed U.S. Customs brokers, we do not perform import entry clearances or freight forwarding.  We specialize in Import Compliance and Drawback only.  

  Global Drawback is an alternative solution to your compliance issues.   We will perform the functions Customs requires at a lesser cost than if you could do it internally by yourselves.  We can also manage these functions for you on a continuous basis, as if we were your own employee on site. 

Services include specific Projects and/or review of internal import practices, documented procedures, Purchasing, Accounting, and Receiving, interviews and records retention/storage, internal systems requirements.

Some of the Import Compliance areas we specialize in;

  • Audits,
  • Procedural Manuals,
  • Training,
  • Transfer Pricing,
  • Related Party transactions
  • ITRAC reporting,
  • Rulings,
  • Protest
  • Harmonize Tariff Classifications,
  • Mold & Assists,
  • Sales Commissions,
  • Sales Terms,
  • Cost avoidance and Savings
  • C-TPAT qualifications
  • Post Audits of Import Entries and Records
  • Database of Item Number and HTSUS Number
  • Management and Tracking Reports
  • Purchasing Administration and Trade Terms