GLOBAL DRAWBACK, INC. will recover all duty refunds available to your company.  Global analyses your company’s potentials, then initiates, implements and manages your individual drawback program.  We prepare all applications, procedural manuals  and obtain all necessary Custom approvals.  You will obtain US Customs duty refunds through our services,- without incurring any expenses. Our services are provided on a percentage contingency basis; and only after you receive your money.  After initial set up, we can work with your own import broker and freight forwarder and/or obtain the information to file claims electronically;  Therefore your involvement and labor is minimized or not even required.   We monitor and periodically audit your program to insure your are in compliance.  Some of the services;

    • Analyze Drawback qualifications and refund potentials
    • Prepare all applications and obtain Customs approvals
    • Prepare Procedural manuals
    • Data entry
    • Claim Filings
    • Post audits and reviews

Import Compliance:
Title VI of the North American Free Trade Act (12/8/93), which is also known as The Customs Modernization Act (Mod Act), requires importers to be responsible, and use REASONABLE CARE on importing merchandise into the U.S. Not knowing what your obligations are, is more detrimental than knowing them and making mistakes, and can actually cost you more money in penalties.  We have been performing compliance services and import audits for our clients, which has saved potential fines and also led to significant duty avoidances. Some of the services;

    • C-TPAT qualifications
    • Classification under Harmonize Tariff System
    • Pre-Class and Customs Rulings
    • Post Audits of Import Entries and Records
    • Database of Item Number and HTSUS Number
    • Management and Tracking Reports
    • ISF ( 10 + 2) Procedures
    • Purchasing Administration and Trade Terms

Global Drawback offers in-house seminars on any services or issue that you or your company want.  Our seminar presentations are also available on CD.  If you would like a list of available seminars or to order one of our presentations on CD, please contact us

Proper trade terms and negotiations in the import process can lead to huge savings or additional unplanned costs.  By working with your purchasing department we can and have reduced landed costs for many of our clients.  Some of the services;

    • Landed cost estimates
    • Beneficial Trade Terms for Freight costs
    • Carrier and routing selection
    • Reporting systems and notifications

Logistics and Distribution:
Let Global Drawback search and develop the best strategy for your logistical and Distribution needs.  The cost of running a huge Logistics department can be pretty significant.  By utilizing a proven company such as Global Drawback we can assist your department on an outsourced basis or even handle these functions entirely. Some of the services;

    • Freight Bill Audits
    • Payment and Management Reports
    • Carrier Rate Negotiations
    • Import Tracking Systems
    • Transportation optimization and Cost Reductions
    • Routing Guides